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Autumn Preserving Workshop
with Hannah from Herbs and Wild

The act of preserving is a wonderful way to embrace gluts of produce during their peak season, and enables us to enjoy ingredients throughout the year when they are no longer available in fresh form."

Hannah gathers the best of the season’s produce by sourcing locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs, and foraging in nature’s pantry, to demonstrate how to create uniquely flavoured jams, cordials, chutneys, pickles, liqueurs and more. In doing this, you will gain an understanding of some principal methods of preserving - the importance of salt, sugar, vinegar and alcohol and their transformative effects on raw ingredients.

The Workshop will be held in the Kitchen at Pod & Pip and include - 

- Demonstration and tasting of a specially developed jam, chutney, cordial

- Each guest will make their own pickle and liqueur to take home along with recipe booklet

- Homemade autumnal lunch (Rosehip soda, homemade sourdough, autumn soup, local cheeses with the chutney we made, Salad, Blackberry and Rose Frangipane Tart using the jam made)

Thursday 5th September 10-2pm ish



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