How to care for fresh cut Spring flowers

This time of year we are now seeing an abundance of spring blooms appearing in shops and florists windows, brightening our day and putting a smile on our faces. But, how is the best way to care for these flowers? Here's a quick checklist to help you make your tulips, daffodils and ranunculus last even longer. Tulips: Tulips keep growing after they have been cut and can grow up to 2 inches, so it's a good idea choose a vase that covers at least half the height of the tulip stem, this will help stop them nose diving onto the table! Don't clump them together too tightly or squash them into the vase as this can damage the stems. Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle and make sure they have plenty o

How to move from corporate to business start up

2016 was quite a year. I left my job in the Corporate world after 14 years and set up Pod & Pip, built my own website) which was quite an achievement for me!) and also got a puppy! All were a steep learning curve, but I've loved every minute of a fresh challenge. I was ready for a change from Corporate life, but Pod & Pip has allowed me to draw on my previous career experience and apply it in many forms. It has also enabled me to find a better work life balance and be much more flexible around family life. My daily commute is now to the workshop at the bottom of the garden rather than an hour commute involving the dreaded A34. The most difficult part of starting up the business was the actua

 Pod & Pip
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