How to look after your flowers and help them last even longer

By following a few simple rules you can help fresh flowers last even longer and your enjoyment of them.

* When you receive your flowers cut a little bit of the ends of the stems (1-2cm) and make sure it's at a slight angle, this helps the water to be absorbed.

* Remember to check that your flowers have enough water everyday, some flowers are more thirsty than others. Alstroemeria and daisies, for example like a good drink!

*Make sure you use clean water and that the vase you are using is also clean. Dirty vases can harbour bacteria which can reduce the longevity of flowers. Replace the water if you can see it is getting discoloured or smelly.

* Ensure you put the flowers in an adequate size vase, don't try and squash the stems into a vase that is too small as this can crush and damage the stems.

* Place the flowers out of direct sunlight and try and avoid very warm spaces.

* Remove any leaves or flowers under the waterline in your vase as this speeds up decomposition.

* Remove an faded flowers, some flowers last longer than others

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