What's the best shaped vase to have?

From running a number of workshops one of the most common questions I get asked, is 'what type of vase should I use for these flowers?' quickly followed by 'I never seem to have the right vase'.

Tall ones, short ones, square ones, flute shaped, bowl shaped, wide necked, the list can go on and on. And then of course there are jugs, mugs, teapots or the latest fashion of milk bottle shaped vases that you could also consider. Completely befuddled yet?

Many people are overwhelmed by the choice of vases and that's even before thinking about how to arrange the flowers.

However, Pod & Pip have found what they consider to be the perfect vase. With dimensions of 21cm high x 15cm (diameter) and a neck which curves in slightly to help support the stems, it is the ideal vase not just for Pod & Pip's Friday Flowers, but for many other flowers as well.

In fact, we have just stumbled across a reference in Judith Blacklock's (a well known florist) 'Flower Arranging' book that says 'the most useful height for a vase is (20cm). This is probably shorter than you thought, but it is perfect for many flowers'.

So Pod & Pip think they may be able to solve many vase dilemmas!

The picture below shows the vase with some pretty pink snowberries in to help show the diversity of flowers it can be used for. The vase is now available to order on the Pod & Pip website at £25 + inc p&p. www.podandpip.co.uk or to collect from our workshop. You can't go wrong with this vase!

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Book Reference: Judith Blacklock Flower Arranging The Complete Guide for Beginners

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