How to move from corporate to business start up

2016 was quite a year. I left my job in the Corporate world after 14 years and set up Pod & Pip, built my own website) which was quite an achievement for me!) and also got a puppy! All were a steep learning curve, but I've loved every minute of a fresh challenge.

I was ready for a change from Corporate life, but Pod & Pip has allowed me to draw on my previous career experience and apply it in many forms. It has also enabled me to find a better work life balance and be much more flexible around family life. My daily commute is now to the workshop at the bottom of the garden rather than an hour commute involving the dreaded A34.

The most difficult part of starting up the business was the actual decision to take the leap, but I realised nothing would ever change unless I made it happen and it was down to me to make it happen. I took the plunge and haven't looked backed since!

My ethos for Pod & Pip was simple; to provide a different bunch/bouquet of fresh, seasonal flowers every Friday selected with careful thought to colours, tones, and style. My initial research indicated consumers were looking for something that little bit different from the average, predictable supermarket or mainstream flower providers.

The aim of the workshops again was simple, to provide a fun couple of hours learning key floristry techniques and enjoying working with flowers in a relaxed environment. The location of Pod & Pip's workshop in a riverside location also helps to add that extra wow factor. Ladies who have been to the workshops mention that they have enjoyed some 'time out' and the opportunity to switch off from the hustle and bustle of life for a couple of hours, turning their hand to something completely different.

I learnt a huge amount in 2016 and developed new skills which included negotiating my way through the world of social media (as I hadn't used it at all before starting until Pod & Pip!) to constructing the Pod & Pip website, the art of buying flowers and taking photos. I'm not perfect at any of the above but you have to start somewhere and improve as you go, learning from your mistakes.

New Year is always a great time for reflection and I've realised if you put your mind to it you can achieve almost anything. I've taken a great deal of inspiration and motivation from quotes that I've found on Instagram and Pinterest. One that will always stick with me is one that I saw on Hero in Stockbridge's Instagram post, 'At first glance it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again.'

Hard work and going with your gut feeling is also something I feel very strongly about as its usually right!

So there's lots more to do, lots more to learn but lots more beautiful flowers, fun workshops and more ideas being planned for 2017, and spring is just around the corner!!

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