How to arrange a vase of tulips to make a real impact

Tulips are one of the nations favourite Spring flowers with the vast majority being imported from the Netherlands. 12000 hectares are dedicated to tulip growing in the Netherlands with over 4.32 billion tulips bulbs being produced each year, 53% of which are grown for cut flowers! There are hundreds of different colours and varieties on sale, everything from standard tulips, double bloom, parrot tulips, fringed tulips, Rembrandt, the list goes on, but how do you make an easy eye catching flower arrangement with tulips for the home?

My previous blog gave helpful hints and tips on how to condition and care for Spring Flowers, including tulips. Careful care and preparation will help increase the longevity and enjoyment of your tulips so take a quick peek at my Blog 'How to care for Spring Flowers.' But in the meantime, here's how to make a statement piece with tulips for the home or events.

~ One simple way of making a real impact with tulips is to put a large number in one vase. If you have a vase or container large enough to take 30-50 tulips it instantly creates an eye catching arrangement creating a sense of decadence and luxury.

~ Choose a frilled tulip variety. One of my favourite frilled tulips is Galerie (left in above picture) , which is a pretty white tulip with a slight pink tinge. The frilled tulips are slightly more unsual and less often seen in mainstream shops and supermarkets so they are guarenteed to draw attention and stand out from the crowd.

~ A tulip with striking colours will always stand out. One of my favourites is a variety called Flash Point (seen below). It blooms into a bright pink colour but with flashes of green in it. There are some beautiful dark purple tulips such as Ronaldo or Mascara which will dominate a vase, add a hint of dark green foliage such as paviflora to help give it the overall effect of a luxurious flower arrangement, again simple but eye catching.

~ And finally add some foliage to tulips such as pussy willow or spring blossom sprigs, this will help to add some height but will also draw some attention and interest to your arrangement.

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