Create the Kokedama 'wow' factor with your spring flowers

If you are looking for an inspiring or eye catching way to display your spring flowers this year, look no further, the Kokedama technique may have the answer. Kokedama is a style of Japanese bonsai and literally means 'moss ball'. It provides a creative alternative to pots and containers, transforming your house plants. But how do you make a Kokedama? Just follow the simple steps below....

You will need:

-Spring plants or bulbs


-Twine or string

-Sheet of moss


1. Select the bulbs or plants you would like to use. When choosing bulbs you may want to use at least three 3 bulbs together to give some volume depending on their size.

2. Cut a length or string or twine to go around the Kokedama at least 10-15 times. Cut a sheet of moss to roughly twice the diameter of your roots of your plants/bulbs.

3. Soak the moss in water so that it's saturated.

4. Soak some soil so that its sticky enough to be pressed around the roots or bulbs to form a layer of soil and mould into a ball shape around the roots or bulbs.

5. Wring out any excess water from the sheet of moss before wrapping it around the soil ball.

6. Wrap the ball with the string, criss crossing the string so that the moss is held securely in place before tying a knot at the top of the planter.

~ Don't forget your Kokedama plants will need watering, after a week or so, immerse the ball in water and then gently squeeze out any excess water

~ Experiment with different types of bulbs and plants, the possibilities are endless!

~ For added creative flair, try hanging the Kokedama, with string or ribbon.

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