Where do London florists buy their flowers from?

The New Covent Garden Flower Market of course! Pod & Pip took a trip up to London last week to take a look at the NEW Covent Garden Flower Market which opened on 3rd April, to see why the biggest and most famous London florists buy their flowers there. We have come back armed with lots of advice and tips for visiting London's biggest Flower Market so that you can get the most out of your trip.

There are 21 wholesalers at the New Covent Garden Flower Market selling everything from flowers to foliage, scissors to vases. The market opens at 4am, yes 4am and closes at 10am, but if you are just visiting rather than buying its advisable to get there after 8am so that the trade customers have finished their buying and the busiest period is out of the way. The market is open Monday through to Saturday with fresh flowers and plants arriving everyday from all over the world.

Here are our top tips for visiting and buying at the flower market:

  • It's in Vauxhall NOT Covent Garden!

  • Do have a good look round and try to take everything in, and do ask the wholesalers questions they are happy to help and answer questions. The wholesalers have a huge wealth of knowledge and have often been in the trade many, many years!

  • Prices will fluctuate due to supply and demand so don't expect the price to say the same each week.

  • Prices are generally not marked so you will need to ask for the price, which will exclude VAT.

  • Flowers are not sold per stem, but as wraps of 10, 20 or 50 stems depending on the flower, for example roses can come in wraps of 10, 12 or 20, tulips will generally come in wraps of 50.

  • Paying for the flowers historically used to be by cash but some wholesalers now accept cards, so do bear this in mind.

  • If you are buying, make a list before you go as the temptation is to keep buying!

  • Visit after 8am, after the main trade customers have bought their flowers, don't worry there are still plenty of flowers, plants and foliage left.

  • Wear something warm as it can get a bit nippy especially in the winter.

  • Parking is available as well as a café to get a cuppa and bacon sandwich.

  • Enjoy!

The sheer variety of flowers and foliage at the New Covent Garden Flower Market explains why top London florists use the Flower Market. Everything they need is under one roof and the flowers are super fresh with new deliveries in everything morning.

So if you would like to learn some floristry skills come along to one of Pod & Pip's Workshops and we can teach you how to condition and prepare your flowers as well as how to do your own flowers for events such as weddings and parties. Take a peek at the workshops which are coming up www.podandpip.co.uk

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