How to get the best from your peonies

Peonies are one of the nations favourite flowers and it's easy to see why with their voluptuous blooms and delicate colours. However, sometimes they can be a little reluctant to open up much to the dismay of many florists (especially those preparing for weddings!). If you too have experienced this frustration with a bunch peonies, then here's some tips on how to make them open their blooms.

1. Remove as much foliage as possible, sometimes you may like to leave some greenery for a bit of colour but by removing the leaves this will help accelerate the blooms opening.

2. Put your peonies in slightly warm (but not hot water) and make sure you have a at least 6" of water in the vase to put the stems in.

3. Cut about 2cm off the bottom of them stems, this will help the peonies draw up water through the stem easily.

4. Keep the peonies in a warm room as this will help to speed up the blooms opening up.

5. If the peonies are still a little reluctant to open up, you can very gently open up the petals with your fingers, starting from the outer petals.

If you are having the opposite problem and would like to slow down the opening of the blooms, then leave the peonies in a cool and dark room.

Pod & Pip are making the most of the short and sweet peony season and will be delivering peonies in our smart Flower Boxes for the next few weeks, while peonies are at their peak. They are ready to order now on the website for a beautiful flower gift or treat for yourself!

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