How rhubarb gin can transform your G&T

Britain has a long history and love of gin, producing some of the best gins in the world, but, currently we are seeing a huge explosion of independent and artisan gin producers tempting us with new flavour combinations to try. So where do you start exploring these new tipples? Here's my top gin pick together with a quick recipe to make an alternative G&T.

Rhubarb Gin. I bet you weren't expecting that! It's delicious, and making quite an impact at the moment on the gin scene. Foxdenton and Warner Edward's are my recommended brands of Rhubarb Gin if you fancy trying it and sampling an alternative to the traditional G&T. But what do you mix it with?

To make your Rhubarb Gin a little bit special, add Fever Tree Tonic, cardamom pods, juniper berries and a sprig of mint. Obviously don't forget the ice!

And if you are now feeling brave, and want to try another variation on mixers, how about making it with ginger beer, mint and lime!

I will never look at my abundantly growing rhubarb in my garden quite the same now after tucking into a glass or two of Rhubarb Gin! So I hope I have inspired you to try something a little bit different and treat your taste buds over the summer.

P.S It also makes a lovely gift if you are stuck for ideas!

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