How to make a groom's buttonhole

With wedding season in full swing now, many of those who are part of the wedding party are now turning their attention to the finer details of the day, including logistics fine tuning, final meetings with suppliers, weather checks (fingers crossed) and of course the wedding outfit accessories.

The final days before the wedding can be a bit overwhelming, so to help keep things simple, here are step by step instructions on how to make your own simple, DIY groom's buttonhole.


1 Rose, 1 large flat leaf (the rose is traditionally taken from the brides bouquet to symbolise sharing, but not obligatory!)

Florist wire (0.71mm), Florist tape

1. Remove the leaves and any thorns from the rose and cut the stem to the size that you would like it to be worn.

2. Insert a piece of wire up through the stem of the rose (you can just see in the second picture below the wire is sticking out slightly, just trim this off). The wire will help give the stem some support or alternatively you can wrap the wire around the stem of the rose to help support it.

3. Take your large flat leaf, and with the wire make a 'stitch' through the leaf, with the 'stitch' showing in the front of the leaf. Make sure the 'stitch' is about a third of the way up the leaf so that it won't show when the rose is positioned over it.

4. Next position your rose on top of the leaf, making sure that the 'stitch' is covered and carefully wrap the wire from the leaf around the stem on the rose.

5. Take your tape and starting from the top of the stem of the rose, wrap it neatly all the way down the stem of the rose ensuring all the wire is concealed.

6. It's now ready to wear! (don't forget your pins to attach it to the lapel)

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