Quick and easy ideas for arranging summer flowers

Summer is upon us and we are enjoying the longer days and warmer weather. But, we also want to enjoy the beautiful and diverse flowers that the season brings with it. If you are not feeling very confident about arranging summer flowers, don't worry here are some ideas and tips so you can let the flowers do the hard work so you don't have to.

Big Bloom Approach - to create a real 'wow' factor use the 'Big Bloom' approach, just select flowers which have huge heads or blooms such as hydrangeas or large headed peonies, you only need to arrange 5 or 7 stems in a vase then to make a big impact.

Go Large - by putting a large number of the same flower stems in a vase is really easy, it also creates a sense of luxury and decadence. I have often used 20 white stocks stems in a vase as it creates a luxurious classic white/green look but also the scent is sensational!

Bud Vases - I love bud vases, they are so pretty on their own, even without flowers. I would recommend using a number of different sizes and shapes of bud vases to put your stems in as this adds interest. I also use different flowers rather than the same flower type and colour as this again helps to add interest and different textures and tones. See my Pinterest Board for some ideas on flowers to use, and how to position the bud vases. (link below)

Casual Country Style - this look is perfect if you have an abundance of different flowers and foliage in the garden. The perk with this styling is that it doesn't have to be perfect to look pretty, let the flowers do the hard work. Just snip your flowers from the garden and remember to include some foliage as this add texture and colour. Use a pretty jug as this helps to give a more informal, country look rather than a vase.

I have lots more easy flower arrangement ideas on the Pod & Pip Pinterest Boards 'Simple Flower Styling', so take to get some more inspiration for quick and simple flower arrangements www.pinterest.com/podandpip

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