What flowers are available in the autumn?

Autumn is Pod & Pip's favourite season. It's the most abundant time of year with the last of the crops being harvested and hedgerows laden with berries, pods and pips! There is also a discreet and slow change in flower varieties and colours becoming available, from the pastel summer pinks to the deeper, richer and often dusky autumnal colours. So if you are planning an event or wedding what flowers can you expect to be available in Autumn?

Acacia - also known as mimosa

Alstromeria - (available all year round)

Amaryllis - large flowers and stems with beautiful deep colours available

Aster - daisy like flowers

Astrantia - one of my favourite flowers

Calla Lilly - quite a striking flower

Carnation and Chrysanthemum - (available all year)


Dahia - come in a variety of colours and sizes and I think sell the beginning of autumn!

Delphinium - long spiked flowers

Echinops - prickly thistle like flower

Freesia - (available all year round)

Gerbera - (available all year round)

Gladiolus - tall flower

Gypsophila - white little flower filler

Hydrangea - huge blooms available in some gorgeous autumnal colours

Hypernicum - (berries) lots of colours to choose from

Japanese Anemone

Lily - available all year round, lots of colours and sizes to choose from

Lisianthus - lots of different colours

Orchid - variety of orchids and colours available

Rose - (available all year round) - huge amounts of colours to chose from

Snowberries - one of Pod & Pip's favourites this time of year.

Stephanotis - white waxy flowers

So there's lots of flowers to choose from and lots of colours to go with your wedding or event theme whether it's a an earthy natural countryside theme, rich jewel colours or bright oranges and reds

P.S Don't forget you can also forage the hedgerows for some more seasonal delights! I've used pheasant feathers and teasels for the autumnal arrangement in the photo above and selected deep rich colours for the flowers to give it an autumn countryside feel.

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