What's the difference between a buttonhole, boutonniere and corsage?

There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding, and the wedding flowers are just one of them! If you are getting confused with all the terminology and lingo when considering your wedding flowers, here's a quick, simple guide to Buttonholes, Boutonnieres and Corsages.

Buttonholes are worn by men, and on their left lapel. A long pin with a large head is used to secure the Buttonhole in place. Buttonholes were commonly made from a single rose or another single flower such as an orchid or carnation. The flower was usually coupled with a single leaf or sprig of foliage positioned to the side or behind it. Traditionally a rose from the brides bouquet was used for the grooms buttonhole to symbolise sharing. Buttonholes tend to be assembled on the morning of the wedding to ensure the freshness of the flowers.

Boutonniere - is french for Buttonhole (so worn by men), but a Boutonniere can often be composed of a small bunch of flowers (or even berries, feathers and succulents!), grouped together as opposed to a single flower and foliage as with traditionally seen with a buttonhole.

Corsages are a small bouquet of flowers traditionally worn by women at formal occasions such as weddings, balls or proms. They are most commonly worn on the left shoulder but can also be worn on the wrist or attached to handbags. As corsages are a small floral arrangement, they need to be lightweight and easy to attach to clothing. If you are going to order a corsage do bear in mind, that some fabrics are very delicate and may rip if the corsage is too heavy when attached. Spray roses, freesia, orchids and carnations, wax flower and gypsophila are often used in corsages.

So if you are looking for Buttonhole, Corsage or Boutonniere inspiration take a look at Pod & Pip's Pinterest Board www.pinterest.com/podandpip . I've created a board with some lovely ideas which include feathers, berries and huge variety of flowers and colours to be used throughout the season and to match your wedding colour scheme.

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