How to cut the costs of flower arrangements

Limited budget but need to make some flower arrangements for an event or even brighten your own home? Now is the time to start exploring the countryside! Autumn I think is a great time of year for foraging as the hedgerows and woods are laiden with an array of foliage, berries and branches, all of which add texture, colour and interest to flower arrangements. Teasels, rosehips and unripened blackberries are some of my favourite ingredients to forage, along with different types of berries to add a splash of colour. It's amazing when you start to look at the sheer choice you have. But how do I forage for foliage?

Here are my top tips for foraging for foliage:

What you will need-

Take secateurs, as some branches can be pretty tough, scissors just don't cut it!

Take a container with you that's easy to carry and big enough to hold branches and twigs

Wear long sleeved tops and trousers to protect you from getting scratched

Things to remember -

Ask permission if you are foraging on private land

Leave plenty for the wildlife!

Only pick from plentiful plants and leave enough for the plant to survive

Know what you are picking! (make sure you know it's not poisonous)

Don't take risks unnecessarily to get what you are after ie negotiating steep ditches and climbing trees (I've been there!)

Be aware some plants will be prickly and not nice to handle

What to look for -

Go for lots of vegetation variety to add texture and colour, (and remember evergreens will last longer)

Keep an eye out for quirky shaped twigs and branches, this will help to add interest to your arrangement

Look for berries to add colour, and thistles, burrs and seeds/nuts to add eye catching texture

When you get home -

When you get home with your bounty make sure you leave the vegetation in a bucket of water, out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. Now you are ready to make your rustic masterpiece at half the cost! What's your favourite flora to forage?

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