How to plant tulips

With a long winter ahead its great to have something to look forward to. Planting tulips is one of those jobs I enjoy as I know there will be a bloom of colour in the coming months which is well worth the wait! There are a huge number of varieties and colours of tulips to choose from, so once you have selected your bulbs here are some quick tips for storing and planting your tulips.

*To store your bulbs before planting keep them in a cool, dry place out of the sunlight, a garage or outside shed is perfect.

*Plant tulip bulbs in November after we have had 2 or 3 hard frosts as this will help to wipe out tulip blight spores and help ensure a healthy bulb and a healthy tulip in the spring.

*Ideally you need to plant the bulbs in soil that hasn't had tulips in for 2-3 years, so this means finding a new part of the garden to plant the bulbs in, or if planting in a container, put new soil in it. Again this helps protect the bulbs against disease that may have been lurking in the soil.

*The location needs to have good drainage so that the bulbs won't be sitting in waterlogged soil.

*A sunny spot is ideal for tulips so find a spot in the garden where you are going to get plenty of sunlight.

*Dig a trench about 6-8 inches deep (if you can put some grit in the bottom of it even better!) The bulbs need to spaced about 4 inches apart. A bulb planter is a handy tool to use for planting bulbs especially in borders where digging a trench isn't that easy.

*Tulips grow really well in containers and can create a real focal point for the garden especially if you select a number of bright coloured tulips and varieties to grow. Again ensure they are positioned in sunlight with good drainage in the pots and use a soil based compost.

*To store your bulbs before planting keep them in a cool, dry place out of the sunlight.

Here are some online tulip bulb retailers I have used which offer a huge range of tulips to choose from and if you are quick some are offering some really good sale prices!

What's your favourite tulip combination to plant?

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