How to make a Christmas door wreath

One of the lovely things about Christmas is the run up to the festive day and all the fun preparation you can turn your hand to. One of my favourite jobs is to make a Christmas door wreath, there is nothing more satisfying than being welcomed to your door by your very own handmade wreath. If you have ever fancied having a go, here are Pod & Pip's easy step by step instructions to follow to make a basic wreath .Once you have your basic fir wreath, you can accessorise it with anything that catches your eye to personalise it and add your own flair!

What you will need -

Wreath ring

Reel wire


Fir springs 4-5 inches long (or longer if you want a bigger wreath)

Decorations - the world is your oyster so you can choose from a huge list of goodies to decorate your wreath with (foraged foliage, eucalyptus, succulents, dried fruit such as oranges, feathers, bauables, ribbons etc etc)

How to make your wreath -

*Tie the end of your reel wire to your wreath ring.

*Take clumps of moss and place it on the wreath ring and then wrap the reel wire around the moss so that it secures it to the ring. Keep going until all of the wreath ring is covered in moss.

*Next layer 2-3 fir springs together along with some other sprigs of foliage and then using the reel wire wrap it around the fir sprigs and foliage onto your moss base, making sure the sprigs are positioned so that they are pointing outwards. Repeat and keep going all the way around until the moss ring is covered in fir sprigs.(*Top Tip lay out the fir sprigs on the ring first before starting the attach them so that you see how to get equal coverage all the way round.)

*You should now have your fir and foliage ring base! Here comes the fun bit, decorating your wreath!

You can stick decorations things such as feathers straight into the wreath to attach them, or poke them under the wire you have used to secure the fir.

Goodies such as dried fruit, baubles and fir cones need to be attached using wire tied to them or threaded through them. (*Top Tip Layout all the decorations on the wreath before attaching them to see where you would like to position them)

* Attach a ribbon to hang the wreath (the easiest way is to loop the ribbon through the wreath and tie in a knot as shown in the last picture below).

Pod & Pip provide Christmas wreath making kits which provide all the basics you will need. Click on to order a lovely Christmas gift for yourself or someone special!

We would love to see a picture of your wreaths on Instagram #podandpip

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