How to make fresh cranberry sauce

After a busy, busy few weeks I'm so looking forward to Christmas dinner it's one of the highlights of the festive season for me. But, Christmas dinner isn't complete without my mums cranberry sauce! It's so easy to make and also nutritional as well so will help ease the guilt of all those Christmas chocolates and goodies being nibbled at. Once you've tried this fresh cranberry sauce recipe there is no going back to shop bought cranberry sauce in a jar!

What you will need

350g Fresh cranberries

4oz soft brown sugar

1/4 pint port

1 large orange sliced and peeled

How to make it

Place the cranberries into a saucepan with the soft brown sugar. Place the pan on a low heat (or simmering plate if using an Aga) and allow the cranberries to pop, don't allow them to burn though.

Add the port and lemon slices and then bring to the boil, then place in the oven on a lowish heat around 100 degrees (or simmering oven if using an Aga) for about an hour or until the cranberries are soft. It's then ready to serve.

If you have any cranberry sauce left over after Christmas dinner, you can always serve with ice-cream or meringues with freshly whipped cream or it will be perfect to keep for Boxing Day lunch!

*The previous owners of our house left this lovely old Aga recipe book in the photo above, it's wonderful to look through and see how cooking has changed, it's such a shame I can't find a date on it though to see when it was published. No cranberry sauce recipe in it though!

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