The best way to care for hellebores indoors

Hellebores also known as the Christmas rose or Lenten rose have to be one of my favourite winter flowers. They seem to lift the spirits and give a little tease of what will follow in the garden in the coming months.

The other reason why I love hellebores is their range of beautiful dusky colours that the different varieties come in - deep moody purples to ashy reds and pinks and then on to pure whites. They are absolutely my kind of colours!

So can you bring them in to enjoy them indoors as well? Yes you can, but they will need a bit of looking after.

I have a slightly nervous relationship with cut hellebores as they can be prone to droop without warning! One minute they are fine and the next some of the flowers may have dropped their heads. They are just beautiful however in a vase on their own, or arranged with other winter flowers, so it's worth having a go.

Once cut, they need to be placed in plenty of water and kept away from direct heat and a cooler room. Strip the leaves from the stems and another recommended method is to sear the stems as soon as you can by dipping about 2cm of the stems ends into boiling water for about 30 seconds.

The other alternative is to buy hellebores in pots. They look beautiful as table decorations or dotted around the house, it's just a matter of finding a lovely container to repot them into. They will need plenty of water, I have some in the house at the moment and I will check every other day in case they need water, they can be pretty thirsty. Again keep them away from radiators or strong heat. When you are ready you can also plant them out in the garden, you just need to choose the right spot.

I've been taking a hellebore plant as a thank you gift over the festive season, it's just something a little bit different! It's also a good way to get my hellebore fix!

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