Behind the scenes of a flower delivery

Flowers have to be one of the most emotive gifts, and each bunch ordered has a story behind it I have come to realise. Since starting Pod & Pip I have been very much struck by how much thought, care and love there is for friends and relatives in both happy and sad times. 'Thinking of you', 'Much love', Congratulations', 'Thank you' and 'Just because' are just some of the messages frequently asked to be included with the flowers or bouquets. So how do Friday Flowers get to your doorstep and put a smile on a loved ones face? Have a read and I will reveal all!

The Friday Flowers and bouquet styling process can start weeks ahead, and often at the flower market where I'm carefully selecting flowers and seeing which flowers will work together well in terms of colour, tones and shape. I also think carefully about the different seasons as well. Once I have made my floral selection, I can then make up the bouquets and Friday Flowers ready to photograph them and plan when they will go onto ready for orders!

Each week, Wednesdays are spent booking the courier, printing address labels and writing messages to be included with the flowers. Thursdays for me, normally start at 4.45am with a trip to the flower market to collect the flowers I have ordered the previous day. The flowers are fresh from Holland arriving at the flower market around 2am, so we can't get much fresher!

Once I have arrived back to the Pod & Pip workshop, the gorgeous blooms are put straight into buckets of water so that the flowers can have a good drink. After a quick breakfast, it's straight into conditioning and preparing the flowers such as de-thorning roses and taking off any unnecessary leaves etc. The rest of the day is then spent making bouquets and packaging up the Friday Flower boxes.

The courier collects the boxes late afternoon and I can track each individual order. I'm also given an appointed hour of when each flower box will be delivered the next day. The flower boxes are asked to be left somewhere safe if no one is there to take delivery. The day doesn't end there though! The workshop needs a quick tidy up and any flowers for local Friday delivery or collection need to be prepared!

So I hope you've had a glimpse of behind the scenes and the work that lovingly goes into the arrival of a Pod & Pip box! A great way to start the weekend or bring a smile to a loved one.

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Photo below: One of the lovely old benches in the Pod & Pip workshop

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