The language of flowers. What the different flowers mean in your Valentine's bouquet.

The Victorians used flowers to convey secret messages, a concept now called 'floriography'. Each flower had a different meaning and was used to declare different emotions and thoughts. Floriography is thoroughly intriguing, and somewhat complex as it's not just the flower which symbolises a message but the colour of the flower can give a different meaning again! So what meaning do some of the traditional flowers in a Valentine's bouquet have? Let's take a look.

The red rose. Its meaning has remained intact since Victorian days and remains a frim favourite for a Valentines gift - I love you. A bouquet of red roses is one of the most anticipated and desired gifts on Valentine's day and certainly one of the best selling flowers on February 14th. But the meaning for other coloured roses is slightly different. White roses represent the beginnings of new love, virtue and purity, whereas pink roses mean grace and elegance and dark pink roses are symbolic of gratitude and appreciation.

A single rose leaf was meant to ask 'can I hope?' which I think is so romantic but not necessarily transferable to todays expectations of a floral gift!

Spring flowers are often interpreted to have a romantic link. Tulips are another meaningful flower for Valentine's Day symbolising a declaration of love. Hyacinths symbolise beauty and constancy which made an excellent message from an admirer, lilacs are linked to memories and the purple lilac specifically to memories of first love, perfect for new lovers. So I will look at flowers in a slightly different way now and try and remember the hidden meanings behind them!

Are you also now Intrigued about floriography? There's a lovely book by Shane Connolly called 'Discovering the meaning of Flowers' I can thoroughly recommend it. It has beautiful illustrations and more details on the minefield of giving flowers as a gift back in the Victorian era!

What type of flowers would you like to receive on Valentine's Day? for our beautiful flowers to order for Februaury 14th!

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