How to make an Easter Wreath Decoration

Wreaths are a huge tradition at Christmas, but they can be beautifully styled for any season and so easy to make, so here's our campaign to help liberate the floral wreath from just the traditional festive period and help celebrate Spring!

If you have friends and family coming to visit over the Easter break, a wreath decoration is the perfect way to add a spot of spring styling to your home either as a table decoration or on the door to greet your visitors. But how do you go about making one? Just follow our easy peasy guide on how to make your very own!

What you will need:

An oasis ring with a plastic base (the plastic base will protect tables and doors and keep them dry from water in the oasis)

Mixed foliage (this can either be foraged or from your local flower wholesaler) I've used paviflora, rosemary, thyme, pistache, pittosporum, senecio for the wreath in the photos.

White waxflower or other small headed spring flowers such as paperwhites

Birch twigs



Any other spring inspired goodies you would like to include!

How to make the Easter wreath:

1. Fill the sink with water and place the oasis ring onto the water, don't push just let the oasis ring sink under it's own weight as it absorbs the water.

2. Cut small sprigs of one type green foliage and then push the stems into the oasis, (Top Tip: If you remove the bottom few leaves from the stem it's easier to push into the oasis). Work clockwise until the oasis base is pretty well covered in foliage.

3. Next start adding different types of foliage to the base so it gradually layers up. The different types of foliage will give texture and colour.

4. After you have added the foliage, add small sprigs of the wax flower

5. Next poke the feather ends into the oasis. To secure the eggs you will need to glue the wire to the ends of the eggs and push the wire into the oasis, or if for a table decoration just simply push the wire into the egg so that it balances on it and then push the wire into the oasis.

6.Finally push the birch twigs into the oasis again in a clockwise movement.

If you are not sure you have got all the right bits and pieces to make an Easter wreath like this, take a look at Pod & Pip's Easter decoration kits which can be ordered for national delivery.

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