Favourite flowers for spring weddings

There's nothing quite like a spring wedding! It's a wonderful time of the year to get married not least because of the flowers available for that season. Nature is beginning to kick into life again after winter and there's a sudden flurry of trees and flowers bursting into action. There is an abundance of different blooms to choose from, and you will certainly be spoilt for choice if you are getting married at this time of year!

Spring flowers can be easily styled to reflect any weddings theme. If you have chosen a soft romantic look, then ranunculus are certainly one of the favourites to make an appearance in a bridal bouquet. Their soft delicate petals and also their resemblance to the ever popular peony make them a perfect choice especially when combined with other spring flowers such as anemone, fritillaries, tulips, hellebores or lily of the valley. Ranunculus also look stunning alongside soft vintage style roses for a spring wedding.

Tulips, muscari, hyacinth and narcissus can add more of a pop of colour if you are after something more eye catching and bold for your wedding flowers. Blues from the muscari and hyacinths, alongside yellow narcissi and strong coloured dark pink and purple tulips will create a colourful spring like theme.

If you have always wanted the classic 'green and white' look (you can't go wrong with this look if you are undecided on your wedding flower colours!). You can chose from a number of spring flowers which are available in white such as hyacinths, anemones, ranunculus and tulips or perhaps the super parrot tulip which is green and white! (one of my favourite tulips).

For larger wedding flower arrangements or urns to decorate the venue or church, structural spring flowers such as the guilder rose, blossom branches and lilac are perfect to create a real statement.

So I hope this has given you a quick taster and food for thought of the flowers you can choose from for a spring wedding. Whatever your theme, your flowers for a spring wedding will be stunning!

For more inspiration take a peek the 'Spring Inspiration' and 'Bridal Bouquet' boards on www.pinterest.com/podandpip

Do you have a favourite spring flower that you would love to include in a bridal bouquet?

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