How to care for cut flowers in the hot weather

It's not only us that's wilting in the hot weather but our flowers and plants need a little more attention as well in this extraordinary heatwave! The lawns may look a little parched and the vegetables patches a little underwhelming but here are some top tips to make the most of cut flowers in the warm weather!

1. If you are cutting flowers from the garden make sure you do this first thing in the morning as the flowers will be at their most hydrated then. I also think there is nothing better than cutting flowers this time of the morning before everyone else stirs and you have the garden to enjoy all to yourself.

2. To help extend the life of flowers from the garden, cut them when they are in bud but with a little colour showing, this ensures you have the maximum vase life for them, you can also watch the flowers develop from bud to bloom.

3. Once cut, put the flowers directly into cool water as this will keep them hydrated, even if you they go directly into a sink of cold water or bucket before arranging them in a vase.

4. Always use clean scissors or secateurs so they are free of bacteria and disease. Adding a single drop of bleach to the water will also create a hostile environment to bacteria.

5. With all cut flowers whether from the garden or shop, cut about 1.5 cm from the stems at an angle before placing them in water as this increases the surface area for water to be taken in.

6. Remove all leaves which will be below the water line of the vase, this stops bacteria making the leaves and stems go slimy and the water smelling.

6. Ensure you use a clean vase and clean water and where possible, replace the water every day in the heat.

7. Do not place the vase in direct sunlight and find a cool a place as possible in the house to have them on show.

8. Lastly enjoy the summer flowers and the summer warmth it will be autumn before we know it!

So regardless of whether you have bought the flowers from a shop or florist, or picked them from your own flower borders or cutting garden we hope we have given you some tips on how to make flowers last longer in the heat (I'm afraid us humans will have to make do with a quick dip or cool glass of rose to cool down!)

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