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So it's been a bit of a monster year for Pod & Pip. Last August we bought and moved into a new house. The previous family had been there 60 years and the house was much loved with very special memories for them. The garden had been particularly special which was evident by the large number of kilner jars in the old larder. The garden was dotted with vegetable patches, fruit cages and fruit trees (which were by now past their best). The field had been home to Dexter cows, geese and chickens, and wool had been spun from the sheep grazed in the field. It reminded me very much of the 'good life' and I loved the simple much loved way of country life it provided.

However the house and garden needed a huge amount of work. The first job before the winter set in (wasn't it the longest, coldest winter!?) was to install the central heating as it had none! The whole house also needed rewiring, all the windows replacing, bathrooms putting in, walls knocking down, rooms replastering and the house redecorating top to bottom (which we are still doing!)

This was all done alongside managing the extension for a kitchen and bedroom above, as well as a porch (which wasn't straightforward!) and living there at the same time. We managed all the trades ourselves for the building and renovation works, all of whom have been amazing. I will miss them when they have gone!

The garden is next on the list to tackle but we have enjoyed the swathes of spring bulbs, trees laden with apples and the excitement of what is going to appear next as we have gone through the circle of all the seasons while living at the house now. The garden had an intricate system of pipes and taps used to irrigate the garden with water pumped from the borehole. The photo here shows one nestled among some bluebells.

So while we were managing the building works, in the last couple of months I've also renovated the outbuilding to make my workshop more spacious (and warm!). This was no small job either as the whole building needed emptying from top to bottom, insulating, rewiring, windows replacing, plastering and decorating. But now I have the perfect place to run my flower workshops in and do wedding and event flowers from. Customers can also pop in on Thursdays and Fridays to collect bouquets and flowers ready for the weekend.

The small door that the previous owners cut out above my workshop for swallows to fly in and nest every year, is a constant reminder to me about the authentic surroundings, which I hope to reflect in Pod & Pip. Cutting flower beds will be dug (with tulips being planted shortly!), the sheep are back grazing the field and chickens are also planned (a little later than wanted after my husband ran over the chicken coop with a tractor and we haven't had time to mend it or buy any chickens yet!)

Pod & Pip will be stocking products in the workshop from some local companies and help to support small emerging businesses with a similar ethos. Fresh flowers will be available every week and some wonderful botanically inspired gifts and goodies as well. I do I hope to make the previous owners proud!

For more information about Pod & Pip flowers and flower workshops visit or take a peek at the wonderful article on us in Country Living Magazine December 2018

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