Simple Easter home styling

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

It's Easter once again, and normally we would be looking to spend time with family and friends over the long weekend, but this year we are facing very different circumstances and challenges.

We have put some simple ideas together to help provide a little bit of cheer and some creative focus while staying at home this Easter.

First up is our Easter egg tree, super easy to make and makes a joyful, eye catching Easter decoration for the house. All you need a is a vase or jug or pot, some water, some foraged branches preferably with blossom or leaf buds and our brightly coloured paper eggs which are available on our website. Top Tip: cut a vertical slice from the bottom of the woody branches by 2-3 inches, this will help the stems rehydrate.

Bunny rabbit napkins, guaranteed to bring a smile to a child and adult a like! Again super simple to make, take a napkin, place it so that its square and flat on the table and then roll one corner upwards so that a 'tube' is created. Place an egg (would suggest hard boiled one or plastic one if you have one handy, or one of our lovely paper eggs!) on the centre of the tube and the wrapped either end upwards to that you make the bunny rabbit ears. Use a piece of string or ribbon to tie the ears in place. We have some lovely soft napkins on the website as shown on the photo above in 3 different colours, grey, pink and sage green. Just place on your plates for Easter Sunday lunch! Top Tip: You can always draw an bunny rabbit face on the egg or add a flower stem.

Jam jars or bud vases of spring flowers! Easy peasy to make, again all you need is a jam jar, water and some spring flowers and foliage from your garden. There is nothing like some flowers in the house to lift some spirits, so go gather from your garden and pop into a jam jar or bud vases. Top Tip: Make sure you place in a cooler place and out of direct sunlight in your house as this will help the flowers last longer.

We hope this has inspired you to have a go at some Easter styling while we are all at home during this period, keep the kids occupied and the house looking cheery! Stay safe and well.

The Pod & Pip team x

PS. Take a look at our online shop to order our lovely decorative eggs, napkins and bud vases.

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