BBQ Smoking Kits

BBQ Smoking Kits


Choose from the Hot Smoke in a Box or BBQ Hot Smoking Kit, what a cracking gift idea for those who love a good BBQ!


BBQ Hot Smoking Kit £30


The kit includes a stainless steel smoker box, three different wood smoking chips in oak, beech and cherry and a 24 page Hot Smoked recipe booklet for hot smoking inspiration.

Hot Smoke in a Box £17

This mini starter kit is just the job for getting started with hot smoking on your bbq or smoker.


Includes aromatic pure oak wood chips, natural wax and wood wool firelighters, matches and a detailed User Guide into our Hot Smoked stainless steel smoker box.

 Pod & Pip
Ebble House, Stratford Tony, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP54AT



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