Add some Autumn Colour

After working with primarily pastels and soft pretty colours throughout the summer we love the colour blast from our Cutting Garden flowers in late summer, early autumn. So, what are our favourites to be growing and working with to add some drama to flower arrangements? 

Dahlias are always a welcome sight with the huge variety of shapes, sizes and bold colours they are perfect for making a statement with and really come in with a bang to shake up the colour palette. Colour clashing and bright colours at their best!

Sunflowers with their huge heads and always a cheery face are great to work with and can be grown not just in the traditional yellow colour as we know it, but browns and pinky/red petals with such varieties as 'Double Dandy', 'Claret', 'Ms Mars' and 'Ruby Eclipse'. 

Rudbekia are another flower which adds another depth of colour in deep red, pinks and brown rich tones. We also love cosmos whether it's the delicate floating white flowers 'Purity' or deep pink 'Cranberry', but our favourite is the Chocolate Cosmos to add texture and interest.

Grasses are the perfect way to add some texture and fun to our arrangements at this time of year. Panicum with its firework 'effect' being one of our favourites alongside Quaking Grass and Penestium with its fluffy seed heads. A good old forage around the fields also brings in another dimesion of colour and texture. 

So now is the time to start thinking about what you would like to grow for next Autumn while you can see where you have gaps in the garden or need some colour while its fresh in your mind.

Published: September & 2022