Our top picks and tips for autumn container planting

With summer now over and the last of the garden blooms coming to end there are still lots of options to bring some colour to the garden and home.

We have choosen a soft colour palette of pinks, muted reds and classic whites teamed with baskets and antique style pots for this autumn.

Here are our top plant picks for autumn container planting this year.  

Heathers  - come in lovely soft pinks, whites and purples, they look great in a single plant pot or clustered together to make a bigger arrangement.  

Skimmia japonica Rubella – a gentle red with glossy green leaves which look lovely in containers and add a shot of muted colour to patios or porches. Thinking ahead they are great for Christmas flowers too.  

Ivy – supper easy to plant and keep and looks lovely trailing out of containers, the variegated varieties help to lighten a planting arrangement.  

Cyclamen  - potted up they are great outside until the first frosts and then welcome being brought inside. There are lots of colours to choose from including the classic white through to bright pinks and purples and reds.  

Winter Violas and Pansies  - go simple with white or add a colour pop with the bright and cheery colours they come in. Very reasonable price wise and will last well if looked after through regular deadheading (especially early on). Position in a sheltered spot.  

Pick the pots or containers carefully to compliment the size and colour of your plants and position the pots so that they get maximum visibility or impact. Limit your colour palette for maximum impact and a choose a pot or container to compliment your plants. Keeping it simple and some clever positioning really adds more.

Published: September 2021