Easy Flower Styling Ideas For Christmas

Some of our favourite flowers are the ones available during the festive period and are super easy to style and dress the house with, giving you a hassle free Christmas on the floral front. Here are some of our top picks and how to style them.

Amarylis with their huge trumpet like blooms and long stems look great in a vase on their own, or cut short with some mixed eucalyptus foliage. The red and white varieties are hugely popular but our favourite varieties are burgundy in colour or slightly speckled, adding something a little different.

Cyclamen look great in baskets or pots to add a touch of Christmas to a corner of a room, table or windowsill. Keep to the same colour palette if mixing plants,  there lots of bright pinks and reds available  but the white cyclamen will always give you a classic, smart look. 

Dutch tulips will start to be become available during December, a huge bunch of white or white/green tulips (30-50 stems) this Christmas is easy to just drop into a vase to give an instant luxurious look.

White hyacinths again super easy to plant up into a bowl, basket or pot and adds some instant detail, scent and floral styling to a room.

Hellebores are definitely one of our favourites, from the classic pure whites through to some decadent muted pinks and deep maroons available, they look great in baskets to dress the outside of the house or doorstep to give a lovely rustic look this Christmas.

Keeping it simple at Christmas definitely saves you time but gives you an instant classic look.

Published: December 2021