Our Top Picks of Edible Flowers to Grow

Alix Fauvel is a renowned baker of the most exquisitely handmade and beautifully adorned cakes.   Handmade in Dorset, each delicious cake is carefully made with love, style and packed full of flavour.  

Often using edible flowers she specialises in hand painted and decorated cakes for weddings and special occasions as well as individual mouth watering delights. For each iced cake that is hand painted she avoids using stencils, cutters or mass-produced decorations.  No two are quite the same. 

Stocked in Selfridges, and other discerning establishments in Wiltshire, Surrey, Norfolk and London; they truly are a delectable treat. 

Decorating with edible flowers is surprisingly simple and yet so incredibly effective.  But be warned; one should only use flowers that are grown specifically for consumption as some edible varieties from markets and garden centres can be sprayed with pesticides.  To ensure you are using them safely look for labels that say food grade, edible, or organic. 

There are so many edible flowers to choose from; many more than one would imagine, some include:  

Pansies, Violas and Primroses 

With a mild subtle flavour they work well on any cake. 


Their classic floral flavour petals can be crystallised to create a stunning decoration. 


These come in a variety of colours, shapes and flavours and last a long time. 


Their tiny, delicate flowers are great plain or crystallised. 


They have a peppery kick, with sweet flowers and spicy undertones. 


Come in a variety of colours, not just blue, and the petals can be dried for year-round use. 


These give off such a wonderful scent when used on any cake but go particularly well with lemon. 


So many colours, sizes and varieties to choose from. A single blousy tulip, like roses, can add real impact. 

Bellis Daisies 

Yes, the little ones that grow in your lawn are perfectly edible. Try arranging these in a chain around the top of a cake, along with some greenery such as thyme. 

Herbs are good for adding green elements to the decoration, such as thyme, marjoram, oregano and rosemary.  Tiny Greek basil leaves work brilliantly with a strawberry cake. 

Sarah is delighted to now be collaborating with Alix.  On Thursday, Friday and Saturdays Pod & Pip offer a selection of her delicious cakes along with coffee and tea for you to either take-away or enjoy at your leisure in the garden.  

Please do watch this space for more exciting collaborative plans in the not-too-distant future! www.alixfauvel.co.uk

Published: June 2021