Fit For a King

Why not make your own flower crown for the King’s Coronation. It's great fun to do with friends, super easy and anything goes! Go wild and boho or pretty and delicate, the style is completely up to you! 

Here's what you will need to make your flower crown:

- Florist wire (thicker the better) 

- Florist tape  Scissors/secateurs 

- A selection of flowers and foliage that will last well out of water

The flowers and foliage will need to be well hydrated before you start using them so make sure they have been placed in cool water out of direct sunlight for at least a couple of hours.

Here's a quick guide on how to make your Flower Crown:

1. The first thing is to make the wire base. It is important to get the size of your wire base correct otherwise the flower crown can look too perched onto of the head or too big it can slip down especially if you using some large flowers bolder flowers so do make use you have a snug fit for the base.  

2. You will need 2-3 pieces of the florist wire. Shape the wires into a circle and place on the head to check it's the correct size. Secure the wires into places by wrapping the florist tape all the way around the circular wires. 

3. Next snip stems of flowers and foliage and make little posies with them and then wrap the florist tape around the posy stems to secure them together. (If you want to make a larger more boho style flower crown select flowers with bigger, loud blooms and colours and add longer lengths of foliage to help give volume and a more dramatic effect.) 

4. Once you have made enough little posies to go around the wire base use the florist tape again to tape the posies one by one to the wire base. You need to position each posy up tight to the one you have just taped on so that there are no gaps and keep adding in a clockwise direction until you have flowers all the way around the wire base.

You can mix it up and add flowers just at the front, or to the side, or asymmetrically, a large statement flower to the front of the flower crown or to the side can be very eye catching. The possibilities are endless!

Published: April 2023