Flower Bowl Arranging

One of our very favourite flower arrangements! The Flower Bowl makes an undeniable statement for the home, event or wedding. Perfect for every season and occasion it's just a matter of choosing the foliage and flowers to suit the style you are looking for. Super easy to make and foam free too!

So how do you go about making a flower bowl? Here are some things to think about.

Where the bowl arrangement will be positioned - this will determine its shape and overall size, on a round table as a statement piece or against a wall at a venue, or down trestle tables at a wedding, the dimensions will all need to be different to accommodate where it will be placed.

The style of the bowl - think about the colour and texture of the bowl, it needs to compliment the flowers you are using.

The size of the bowl - it's really important to get the right size bowl for the size of the arrangement you would like to make.

Chicken Wire vs Flower Frog - which will be the most suitable in the bowl you are using, Chicken wire can be really quite robust with large number of blooms to display and maybe the better option for larger arrangements.

Flowers & Foliage - selecting the foliage you use will really set the scene to your overall look and feel of the arrangement, it's as important as the flowers. Selecting the right flowers too for your theme is also key, let them do the hard work and not you if you get the flower selection spot on.

If you would like to have a go and build your confidence do come along to one of our Flower Bowl Arrangement Workshops and learn a little more.

Published: May 2023