Garden Furniture Fixes

Needing to add some storage or to style up a space in the garden? We may have the answer! A couple of carefully selected pieces of garden furniture can really make the difference.

Ladder shelves can be used in all types of garden settings from courtyard gardens in a town or terraced house, to patios, garages and potting sheds or even just outside the back door. 

Perfect for storing and organising garden tools and accessories, ladder style shelves will help keep the garage or shed super tidy. They are also a must have to help display garden pots and planters in small or courtyard gardens by adding height and another dimension to a limited space, really helping to utilise all the area available. Have fun arranging pots and planters on the shelves with the different seasons so you can have an everchanging flowery display throughout the year. Different sized pots look great together and with a pop of colour from flowers it can be game changer for a space that needs a little pick me up.

Potting benches are another useful piece of garden furniture. They have multiple uses including to store garden tools, seeds and bulbs, a place to easily sow seeds on, nurture the seedlings and to pot them on. Potting benches can also provide an important central place or hub to be organised from for all the garden jobs, almost like your office desk!  

So garden furniture doesn’t have to be all about the tables and chairs for outside dining, other pieces can be just as useful in helping to style the garden with the added benefit of providing garden storage and a place to do those all important garden jobs too!

Published: May 2023