How to arrange with bud vases

Bud Vases come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns, designed to hold just a few stems or flowers and foliage they provide a really simple way to quickly decorate a dining table or area in the house. So where do you start with using bud bases? Here are some top tips from Pod & Pip for arranging flowers in bud vases. 

Choose a variety of different shapes, and heights of bud vases not just all the same style, this adds interest to the overall look.

Arrange the bud vases first and then add the flowers, this way you can see what height to cut the flower stems to, to  suit the vases and how many flowers you need to add to each one to build up the overall look.

Think about your colour scheme for the flowers and what colours works well with your setting. Bright and bold or pretty pastels, classic white and greens? Which would work best where you are going to place them?

Choose different forms of flowers to add to bud vases such as spike, umbelliferae, composite etc and think about which flower form works best with your shape of bud vase to help add volume, interest and height.

Don’t forget the foliage, foliage can quickly bulk out the arrangement and provide a background to help accentuate the colours of the flowers.

Go long. You can cut stems of flowers long to add to bud vases the flowers don’t have to be short just because the bud vase is, this can give an overall dramatic effect of just one long stem in the vase.

Mix it up. Sometimes just one stem will do in a bud vase such as an eye catching dahlia, and or mix it up with other bud vases with 3-4 stems of other flowers arranged at different heights in the bud vase.

Cluster or dot?  Bud vases can look great clustered together or dotted down a table, the shape of the table will help determine which works best.

So snips at the ready to explore the garden, hopefully we have provided a few things to think about arranging with bud vases. Enjoy!

Published: July 2022