How to make an Easter Bunny

With Easter round the corner its time to think about plans for long the weekend and spending time with friends and family. One of the fun things that Easter now brings and is gaining in popularity, is the decorating of the home. Easter trees with blossom branches or twigs adorned with decorative eggs and other Easter decorations have become super popular so too has the dressing of the table for Easter lunch.

So this year to help decorate our Easter table we have made the most pretty chocolate egg filled Easter bunnies using a pretty fabric from Liberty in soft yellows and blues.

If you would like to make your own Easter bunny for the Easter table this year, here's what you need for each rabbit.

1 X Easter Egg (keep the foil on around the chocolate egg)

1 x Fabric of your choice which will help compliment your table setting and colours 

1 x Ribbon or Raffia

Cotton Wool or pom pom for the tail

How to make the Easter bunny

Cut a square of fabric (around twice the length of the egg), place the egg upright on the middle of the fabric and then pull the fabric up around the egg so that it's nice and tight and covering the egg. With the excess fabric which is now at the top of the egg, shape into to two ears, and then tie and secure into place using ribbon or raffia. Stick a white pom pom or a cotton wool on for the tail. Top tip  - too help stand the Easter bunny up on the table we have placed each one on a curtain ring. 

A really simple, quick and easy way to dress the table this Easter, adding colour to compliment your table, a talking point, and of course chocolate! We would love to see yours!

Published: March 2023