Gardening Job List April into May

With the garden springing into action quite literally, now its time to spend some time tackling a number of flowery gardening jobs. So what needs to be done in April coming into May for a bountiful garden of blooms this year?

Sow any annuals you may not haven already sown such as sweet peas and sunflowers. 

Pinch out and pot on any seedlings you already have which are now well established.

Plant dahlia tubers after the threat of any frosts. 

Remove/dead head any flowers from spring bulbs such as daffodils/wallflowers. 

Dig up any tulips bulbs which have now gone over ready for fresh planting in the autumn. 

Tie in any climbing plants such as honeysuckle/wisteria/ clematis. 

Plant out any tender summer bedding plants in pots and containers/hanging baskets after the risk of any frost. 

Keep an eye on slugs and snails nibbling on your perennials which are coming through now such as lupins, they do love a lupin!

Check your roses and treat for any aphids.

 Look to see if you need to repot any plants up into bigger pots so that they don’t become root bound. 

Published: February 2024