Introducing the Pod & Pip Dahlia Collection

We love all things dahlia like at Pod & Pip, from the huge dinner plate varieties to the compact pompom, the spikey cactus dahlias and show off decorative dahlias. The huge array of colours they bring to the Pod & Pip Cutting Garden is adored by many of our customers and on that note we decided to put our own dahlia collection together. 

They are super easy to grow and suitable for all gardeners, whether beginners or those with years of experience. Dahlias flower throughout summer through to the first frosts, bringing an abundance of flowers perfect for cutting and popping in a vase at home. They can be grown in pots, containers and flowers beds and are super easy to maintain and look after.

Dahlia tubers should be planted in fertile well drained soil about 10cm deep once all the signs of more frosts have gone in late April early May. They prefer a sunny location and approximately 45cm apart.  During the growing season keep feeding them and deadhead any gone over flowers. Larger varieties may need staking or some sort of support. Either dig the tubers up to store and overwinter them in a dry, cool place or heavily mulch them over the first frost. It’s that easy!

So we are super excited to introduce the Pod & Pip Dahlia Collections – Pretty Pinks and Peaches and Cream. Each containing 5 dahlia tubers and ready to plant out with carefully selected colours to make a real splash in the garden this summer.  Available in the workshop or online they make a supper pressie or a treat for yourself to experiment with in the garden. Enjoy!

Published: February 2024