Layering the Christmas Table

Always a highlight of the festive season, is the Christmas dinner and it's great fun to style up the table settings and 'tablescape' each year to make it extra special. It's all about 'layering' up the table components to make an eye catching table, and here's how to do it.

First start with the table cloth, a non white colour such as light grey or light oatmeal can add a touch of warmth to table instead of a crisp white tablecloth. Next its the crockery, layer the dinner plate, side plate and bowl into a stack and repeat for each guest. Then add the napkins, these can be draped over the bowl or underneath the bowl on the plate or made into a feature, we love our Christmas tree arranged napkins to add some fun!

Next pop some beautifully packaged little chocolates in each bowl together with some tree decorations, these can be selected depending on who is sitting at that seat to add a personal touch. By the side of the plate add the all important crackers!

For the centre of the table add some candles and candlesticks to compliment your table colours and scheme and perhaps a light and/or star garland to run the length of the table.

Finally last but not least, the final layer is to add some festive seasonal flower arrangements to provide some colour, texture and pretty statement pieces. Keep these in proportion and fitting to the shape of the table to ensure they don't dominate or too small they get lost.

And enjoy!!

Published: December 2023