Passionate about Peonies

Peonies symbolise prosperity, good luck, love and honour.   They grow in a variety of forms; herbaceous, intersectional and tree peonies, all with a timeless elegance.  A bridal favourite; they exude an opulence with their candy sweet sumptuous petals.

Full of heady fragrance, stunning blooms and soft subtle colours Peonies make fabulous cut flowers.  Romantic and luxurious, peonies look beautiful in a vase, and they last well once cut.  

With names such as Coral Sunset; a coral peony that fades to a soft cream, and Angel Cheeks; a soft blush pink, they evoke images of summer days and happiness.  Their spectrum of colours is varied; Red Sarah Bernhardt with its dark pinkish-purple petals tinged with red, and Nemo; a pure white peony are among some of Pod & Pip’s favourites.  

Peonies are native to eastern China; the country’s national flower; they have been cultivated there since at least 1000 BC.  They first made their way to Europe in the 19th century.  They are linked to Chinese medicine and are grown commercially for their roots, which are used to treat inflammation.  The name Peony stems from Paeon, physician to the gods in Greek mythology, whose name, comes from the ancient Greek for ‘healing’.  

Their petals are also edible, adding them to a salad, or crystallising them with sugar creates stylish organic cake decorations! 

Sarah adores using Peonies in Pod & Pips late Spring Seasonal Bouquets; their scent, bloom size and soft colours offer something for everyone; plus that realisation that their season is so short lived - making them even more special.

Published: June 2021