Introducing Pod & Pip's Crackers

The Christmas Cracker is a firm favourite on the table on Christmas Day along with the turkey and all the trimmings. Its origins date back to the 1840s when a London confectioner Tom Smith was inspired when he discovered the French 'Bon Bon' a sugared almond wrapped in a twist of paper. As many of the Bon Bon's were bought by men to give to women they included a little love note. Over the years the Christmas Cracker has evolved to include the snap to make a surprise bang, a paper hat, a little gift has replaced the sugared almond and instead of a love note the obligatory joke.

At Pod & Pip we have created our very Christmas crackers this year inspired by the Cutting Garden and with the aim to be environmentally conscious. We wanted to offer plastic free crackers and include gifts which are useful and reusable. The paper can be recycled, the tray they come in too, the ribbons reused.

The cracker gifts have been carefully selected to be fun but with a purpose. The crackers include pots of honey, honey dibber, seed balls and bee max melts, all to be used and enjoyed. Don’t worry the paper hat is still included too, it just wouldn't be the same without them! Beautifully wrapped and packaged they make a wonderful gift for the Christmas lunch host or for your own family's table. Style up with goodies from the Pod & Pip shop for the festive season this year! 

Published: November 2023