Spring Clean

With the birds singing outside, signs of spring in the garden and sunshine streaming through the windows, we are often prompted to have a good spring clean. Throwing the windows open all around the house is a great way to get some fresh crisp air into the house after the winter and a kickstart to the annual spring clean.

We have some new arrivals in the workshop for the utility room, that not only do they look good but they replace and help banish the plastic housework tools. The wooden brushes and linen tea towels look great on the kitchen sink and the wooden pegs replace the plastic ones on the washing lines. And to keep the utility room looking tidy we are some smart utensils pots and containers.

Give your houseplants a little TLC with our Plant Feeding Sets to give them a much needed natural nutritional boost and the leaves a good polish and dust with the Leaf Shine Sets.

So to make the housework look a little more inviting how about giving the kitchen sink and utility room a little more style and refresh with the eco-friendly tools.

Published: March 2023