The Joy of Spring Flowers

With the often gloomy, cold and grey days throughout January and February we look forward to warmer and brighter Spring days, with softer sunshine and the sound of uplifting birdsong once again. To help us on the way through this seasonal transition we have the joy of Spring flowers. So what are some of the easy to plant flowers that will be blooming in Spring that provides an instant smile?

Snowdrops are one of the very first flowers to emerge in the with their delicate white bobbing heads signalling that spring is on the way. They punctuate the grass verges and garden lawns with their dainty white flowers and are a very welcome sight on a cold winters day.

Hellebores are another winter flower grown in pots or flower beds offering a flash of colour to the garden which flower all through the winter and into early spring. They come in pure whites through to soft purples and bold burgundies.

Narcissi and daffodils are one of the nations favourite flowers with white though to soft cream and oranges and bold yellows flowers. They add some cheer in pots, planters and containers (however big or small) or in swaths in flower beds and lawns adding instant colour and the sign of spring.

Tulips are a complete game changer when they start to emerge from their winter beds creating an immense impact of colour to the garden, whether it’s soft and delicate colours or bold and bright they can’t be missed. And remember you can change and experiment with the tulip colours and varieties you plant each year and also the pots you put them in to.

So it’s worth spending some time planning and planting in the autumn for a beautiful display of spring flowers to brighten the garden after those winter grey days. Do take photos of your garden and pots this Spring when your garden and flowers are in bloom so you can remember when it comes to Autumn what worked and what you would like to change for the next year. A few hours planning will really help boost that enjoyment in the Spring.

Published: January 2024