How to make a Spring Kokedama

With Spring well and truly on the way now it’s the perfect time to decorate the house with some seasonal plants. We have had some fun making some Kokedama with spring bulbs to dress the outside of the workshop but you can just as easily arrange them inside the house too.

Kokedama meaning ‘moss’ and ball’ in Japanese are easy to make an can be made with a variety of plants and not just spring bulbs. The Kokedama look great arranged in clusters to create a wonderful seasonal display using a shallow bowl or pot to place them in the house.

With just a few key ingredients the spring Kokedama are easy to make -  moss sheets, compost, string and of course your spring bulbs. We have used hyacinth, narcisuss ‘Bridal Crown’ and muscari. Cut a piece from the moss sheet which is large enough to wrap around the bulb. Lay the cut moss sheet out on a table and place the bulb in the middle with some compost around the bulb. Carefully wrap the moss around the bulb and then use the string to secure the moss in place.

The spring bulb Kokedama will only last until the flowers have bloomed and gone over but you can plant the bulb out in the garden for next year.

Published: March 2022