The Candle Edit

Candles are a firm favourite this time of year, easing us into autumn and providing scent, decoration and ambiance throughout the winter. Candles are thought to have dated back to Roman times and have been used for centuries initially for light but now for more decorative purposes.

Candles over the years have been made from beeswax, tallow (animal fat), and even sperm whales, through to paraffin in more modern times, with soy and beeswax candles certainly making a resurgence now, providing a more environmentally friendly option.

There are so many different styles, shapes and sizes of candles available now, so where to start?! At Pod & Pip we have selected our favourites. From locally handmade scented soy candles from the wonderful Botanical Candle Company, to another Wiltshire candle company, Charles Farris who have just released an elegant tapered dining candle collection in a range of soft toned colours, which sits alongside their popular chapel candle range that we stock at Christmas.

Our jars of coloured mini candles are a firm favourite, perfect as a pressie or a treat to add some fun and styling to your own home.  And its not just the candles! We also have also selected our top picks of candlesticks and candleholders with everything from smart glass or brass candleholders through to a range of coloured candlesticks from the stylish Bungalow.

Any finally to enjoy your candles, did you know the first burn of the candle is the most important? The first time you light your candle you need to let it burn long enough so that the whole of the top layer of the wax has become liquid (this can take a while depending on the size of you candle!) this will ensure it will burn evenly. Enjoy!

Published: November 2021