How To Guide

Spring Wreath Instructions


1. Tie the end of your reel wire to your wreath ring

2. Take clumps of moss and place it on the wreath ring and then wrap the reel wire around the moss so that it secures it to the ring. Repeat until all of the wreath ring is covered in moss and you have made a moss ring. You will need the moss to really quite thick to give the wreath a more robust look.

3. Next take a square of the flat moss and place one of the spring bulb plants (muscari or narcissi) on the centre of the moss so that the green side of the moss is face down on the table. Wrap the moss around the bulb of the plant and use twine to tie around it securing the moss around the bulb. Repeat with all the bulb plants.

4. Position one of the bulbs wrapped in moss onto your moss ring base and tie on with either twine or reel wire so that its now securely attached the moss base. Repeat until all the bulbs are now on the moss base.

5. Take a stem of foliage such and cut to the size you would like, remove any leaves at the bottom of them stem. Push the stem (removing the bottom leaves makes it easier to push) through the moss base and into the moss ring, don’t worry it will stay there! Repeat with all your foliage and any twigs you may have.

6. You can add other foliage from the garden and replace the bulbs once they have flowered with new spring bulbs. The moss base can be misted or watered to prevent it from drying out.