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Christmas Table Decoration Instructions

Pod & Pip - Christmas Table Decoration Instructions

1. Soak the oasis in a sink of water until its heavy and saturated.

2. Push the soaked oasis into the silver pot so that 1/3 or still sticking out of the pot, do not push it all the way in.

3. Push the candle into the middle of the oasis so that it is securely positioned.

4. Start to add springs of the fir by pushing it into the oasis, its easier to remove some of the pin needles so that you can push the spring into the oasis more easily. Arrange the sprigs around the candle.

5. Finally add the thistle stems and waxflower stems by pushing them into the oasis.

The fir springs will last for sometime, so once the flowers have gone over you can add more fresh flowers and keep the oasis moist by watering it.

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